Prayer of Adoration Before the Blessed Sacrament in honor of Father Verbis Lafleur

O Jesus,
You are priest and victim.
We praise You and we bless You because You have redeemed the world.

We thank You for Father Verbis Lafleur, a "Man Among Men".
He celebrated Holy Mass.
He adored You in the Blessed Sacrament.
He was Your priest who reconciled us to You and inspired "his boys" to greater faith and life in You.
He became a victim in living Your priesthood.
His love was Your love.
We pray that we can love like You, O Jesus.

We ask that the whole Church can know him and be inspired by his priesthood and victim-hood to follow You more intensely in a loving example.
May Father Lafleur be declared a "Servant of God".
May he be Beatified and raised to the Altar of Sainthood.

O Jesus, we pray that our life may be a life of adoration to You through the example and continued affection of Father Lafleur.

May we with Father Lafleur adore You and praise You.
We love you, O Jesus.

May we join with Father Lafleur, praising You now and forever in Heaven.


Father Lafleur, pray for us.


Published with ecclesiastical approbation
Most Reverend Michael Jarrell, D.D.
Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
March 20, 2006