Novena to Father Verbis Lafleur

O, God of Goodness,
You never tire of sending us examples of Your Love.
You called Your servant Father Verbis Lafleur to the Priesthood from an early age and kept him in Your sight.
In the fulfillment of time, he willingly offered up his life for his God and his country.

Far from home on the battle fields of the South Pacific, O Lord, You were with him.
You were with him in the prison camps.
You were there, as he healed the spiritual wounds and comforted his comrades.

May we all be blessed by his holy and heroic life, as he was doing Your will.

Our loving God, lead us to charity and allow us to receive the favors we ask through Your good servant Father Verbis Lafleur (name your petition here).

We ask this through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You forever and ever.


Published with ecclesiastical approbation
Most Reverend Michael Jarrell, D.D.
Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana
March 20, 2006